Together we have goals to grow our businesses and maximize our time and money.  Working together, I want to continue those goals and make this process easy for you.  Whether you have a past due account that is ready to be assigned to me, or information to forward for my review, everything can be sent by email, fax, or mail.  Every new business that begins to take advantage of my services will have a Service Agreement to sign upon the first account transfer to understand the process and privacy 1st Financial Business Solutions LLC practices. 


The past due clientele will be notified by mail upon receiving their account in my office.  All Indiana rules and regulations will be practiced around time frames of correspondence and privacy acts.  Notification letters will be mailed before initial collection calls, and upon necessary means of not being able to collect on an account, whether for reasons of bankruptcy or refusing to pay, I will contact you the business owner and discuss future steps.  Legal steps will proceed only upon agreement from you the account owner.  Each case will be discussed and determined worthiness of legal fees.  All legal fees if pursued will be passed on to the account owner.

 Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Mission Statement

1st Financial Business Solutions LLC handles any size of account.  No account is too small or too large.  We can also be your service provider to simply send out and collect your current work orders.  Have you considered the money you could save by having us sending out your current billing statements and collecting payments instead of paying another employees salary and benefits?  The savings and profit gain we can provide for your business is endless.  Call me for a quote on Current Billings and we can discuss a set rate for this time saving opportunity.